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When You're Nearing the Fourth Quarter,
You Don’t Need to Be the Only Player on the Field

Retirement Planning For Regular People

Meet Your Quarterback

For Over 30 Years,
We’ve Helped Folks Like You Find Financial Freedom
In Their Fourth Quarter of Life

We believe that everyone has the right to receive financial, investment and retirement advice offered only in their best interest. That means we act as a fiduciary at all times. Traditional financial planning firms only provide this to the wealthy.  We are different.

Nearing Retirement, You Deserve to Have Access To

Fee-Only, Independent Solutions

Providing conflict-free advice without the high price tag or product sales

Down to Earth Advice

Casual, knowledgeable conversations free from Wall Street jargon

Comprehensive Planning

Addressing every facet of your financial life now and through retirement

When You’re Balancing Your Savings With Preparing For Retirement
We Can Help Develop Your Playbook

Schedule a Complimentary Call

Proudly Serving Hardworking Families & Individuals

In Hopkinton, Massachusetts & Beyond

It’s Not About the Challenges You Face on the Field
But Rather the Players on Your Team

Our founder, Jeff Bograd, brings over 30 years of retirement planning experience toward helping those nearing retirement who have historically been denied access to fiduciary-level financial advice.

Why Partner With Fourth Quarter?

Because We Believe in:

The Power of Fee-Only Planning

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We are a fee-only registered investment advisory firm, meaning we are compensated by our clients - and only our clients. We do not accept commissions or any revenue from your investments, nor do we pay or receive referral fees of any kind. This independence allows us to offer unbiased planning and investment advice and allows you to minimize your investment costs.

Being a Fiduciary for Our Clients

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We always work in a fiduciary capacity and hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard, meaning we have a legal duty to put your interests first. We work with those who may have not been offered this type of advice in the past by traditional financial firms with high advisory fees.

Is Fourth Quarter Right For You?

Learn about Jeff’s decades-long experience in helping employees at some of America’s top companies reach for and enjoy retirement.

Meet Our Founder

Jeff Bograd Hopkinton, MA financial advisor Fourth Quarter Retirement Strategies LLC

Jeff Bograd


Before founding Fourth Quarter Retirement, Jeff enjoyed 30 years in the financial and retirement planning space. After retiring from the corporate world, Jeff created our firm to help those who haven’t yet saved enough for retirement make a gameplan. His goal is to work with everyday folks who are looking to enjoy retirement while making sure their money lasts.

In his previous experience, Jeff helped design retirement programs for some of America’s most well-known companies, such as Staples, Express Scripts, Sub-Zero and Pixar. He created Dynamic Auto Enrollment, the only program in the country which automatically enrolls employees into their 401(k) plan on a pre-tax or Roth basis based upon income. Jeff also used his extensive retirement planning experience to train other financial advisors from firms including Merrill Lynch, Edward Jones, Commonwealth Financial and LPL on innovative retirement plan design and creative retirement decumulation strategies.

In addition, he has provided both group education and one-on-one financial planning to employees at John Hancock and New York Life.

Before entering the industry, Jeff graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in Economics. He’s been awarded the Claritas Investment Certificate from the CFA Institute, and he currently maintains his FINRA Series 65 license.

When he’s not in the office, Jeff enjoys playing pick-up and league lacrosse, watching his kids’ sporting events and band concerts and reading about behavioral finance.

Interested in Working With Jeff?

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Comprehensive Financial Planning
For Those Nearing or in Retirement

Discover Our Difference

Sound Financial Planning Isn’t About “How Much?”
But Rather, “What Comes Next?”

As your financial partner, we can help you implement strategies to mitigate the various risks in investing and retirement planning and spending. Developing a portfolio based on your unique tolerance for risk, time horizon and more, we’ll continuously monitor your investments and assess the need for rebalancing as needed. Whatever’s standing in the way of you and your retirement goals, we’ll address them - together.

Our Solutions Include

Comprehensive Financial Planning

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Investment Advice
& Philosophy

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It’s Never Too Late
To Score Financial Freedom

We proudly work with down to earth, everyday folks who recognize the need to make their money last through retirement - but may have moderate to little savings now. With decades of industry experience, we recognize the challenge average families face by balancing their financial needs now - paying for a child’s education, a mortgage, healthcare, etc. - but don’t have the high net worth needed to work with a traditional advisor.

Working Together Toward Your Financial Freedom
Is a Two-Way Street

As we move down the field together, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. While you can expect honesty, expertise and transparency from us, there are a few things we expect from you as well.

Our Clients Are:

Realistic About Their Expectations

There are no “get rich quick” schemes here

Focused on Long-Term Results

We aren’t day trading or chasing trends in the market

Excited to Stay Involved

While we’ll take the lead, we still require some of your time

Flexible & Open-Minded

Sometimes to achieve a goal, you must make lifestyle adjustments

Do You Think We May Be a Good Fit?

See Our Services

We’re Here to Run Interference
on What’s Blocking You
From Achieving Your Goals for Retirement

Creating Your Unique Gameplan
One Play at a Time

Step 01:

Complimentary Call

45 Minutes

We will discuss your finances at a high level and learn about your needs, goals and concerns. We will outline the services we provide to help you meet your objectives so that you can determine whether we are right for you.

Step 02:

Discovery Meeting

90 Minutes

We will define your financial situation, personal and financial goals, timeline and attitude about risk. We will gather all relevant financial documents and information and organize it so we can do our analysis.

Step 03:

Analyze and Evaluate

Using our professional financial planning software, we will analyze your financial situation and determine what is needed to achieve your goals. This assessment can include analyzing your assets and liabilities, cash flow, insurance coverage, investments, tax returns, estate plan and employee benefits.

Step 04:

Plan Delivery Meeting

90 Minutes

We will review our plan recommendations with you and provide you with a custom financial plan containing specific recommendations and a timeline.

Step 05:

Implement Your Plan

We will help you to implement the recommendations. This may include “co-calling” your retirement plan or investment custodians to help you change investments and coordinating the process with other professionals such as tax preparers, attorneys or insurance agents.

Step 06:

Monitor & Adjust

We will implement any remaining financial planning recommendations together, review your accounts on a monthly basis, meet at least semi-annually to ensure that we are making progress, assist you with rebalancing your investments as needed and make any adjustments to the plan as your life changes.

Sound Like a Plan?

Let's Get Started

Signing on with us means receiving




Advice backed by decades of retirement planning experience.

Fourth Quarter Retirement Fees

Ongoing Financial Planning & Investment Advice

$1,600 Flat Fee + $200/Month

We offer our comprehensive financial planning services at a fixed fee. Working together regularly allows us to stay actively involved in your evolving financial needs and proactive with our strategies and solutions as you transition toward and through retirement.

Interested in Working Together?

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Retirement Planning For Regular People

Whatever retirement goals you have in mind, we’re happy to help those living in Massachusetts and folks across the country achieve the retirement they deserve. To get started, simply fill out the form or schedule a meeting, and we’ll be in touch shortly.